Start with a medium course grind setting.

Prep and Preheat

Place the filter in the top chamber with the thick side against the spout and rinse with a good amount of hot water. This preheats the brewer and gets rid of any paper flavor from the filter. Once the filter is fully saturated gently pull the filter away from the pour spout and discard the rinse water.



Weigh and Grind

We recommend 25 grams of unground coffee to 425 grams of water. Grind and add your ground coffee to your filter. Place on scale, and tare to “0”.

Fill Kettle with hot water to about 2/3 full.


Start timer and wet your grounds with 50 grams of water. Make sure to saturate all grinds. Let “bloom” for 45 seconds.



Begin Pour

Begin pouring slowly starting in center and move in concentric circles in a clockwise motion (be sure to keep stream off of the filter to avoid channeling.) Make sure to keep the brew in the top chamber at a consistent level using a gentle pour rather than a hurried one. Once you've reached your desired weight, stop pouring.



Clean and Enjoy!

Once the brew has finished, remove the filter, serve and enjoy!



Other Brew Methods