Holderness Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by Paul Holderness Tostberg and Lisa Tostberg, in Corvallis, Oregon. Obsessed with brewing and serving the perfect cup of coffee, the couple behind Coffee Culture took it one step further and started roasting their own beans. Holderness Coffee Roasters launched from a love of coffee and the community that began in 1993 at the flagship cafe in the heart of Corvallis, Oregon. The coffee they roast is a direct expression of their core values: passion, care, respect and integrity.

We’re dedicated to sourcing, buying, roasting and wholesaling specialty coffee, with the belief that it takes a global effort for our coffee to reach your cup, and we have great respect for the people dedicated to getting it here. We seek out compelling coffees and roast to accentuate their unique qualities, cupping each coffee thoroughly to make sure it stacks up to our standards before we send it out to you.